Elastic Sanding Sponge – 20x50x80, Extra Fine

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• The whole block can be utilized
• Adaptable to uneven surfaces
• Minimal removal of material, does not alter the shape of the workpiece
• Equal distribution of abrasive grain
• Minimal heating when sanding
• There is no aggradation or staining
• Usable in extreme conditions
• Does not and does not stain the sanded material
• Long-term use when used properly
• Preservation of properties

The elastic foam sanding block is designed for cleaning, polishing, smoothing, tarnishing, deburring and sanding of metal, wood, varnishes, ceramics and porcelain. The water, oil and chemical proof block is ideal for wet and dry use. Can be combined with a lapping paste. Ideal for treating, sanding, polishing and matting of stainless steel. Gets rid of surface errors and recreates the original appearance!

The Elastic foam sanding blocks are made from polyurethane binder, which allows extensive adaptability of the sanding tool to the sanded surface simplifying, accelerating and streamlining the whole process of surface treatment. The elasticity of the foam block offers the sanding of uneven, porous and difficult to reach spots such as corners, openings etc. You will appreciate the sanding block especially during final surface operations.

Ideal for:
• Sanding
• Polishing
• Maintenance of stainless steel equipment
• Treatment of surface rust
• Evening up and rounding off edges
• Removal of unwanted traces after surfacing

Use in the workshop and household:
• Wood Workshop (sanding, smoothing and polishing of wood, complex profiles)
• Metal Workshop (metal grinding, polishing, refining, deburring, -¦)
• Paint Shop (removal of old paint and varnish, polishing, -¦)
• Industrial Workshop (contact cleaning, grinding, finishing, -¦)
• Household (cleaning and removing deposits in the bathroom or on stoves, -¦)
• Garden (rust removal before painting, -¦)
• Sport (removal of rust on skates, sharpening of ski edges, ski base refining, -¦)

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