Heavy Duty Parallel Jaw Clamp – 600 x 95mm

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• 95 mm cast iron arms.
• Jaw faces remain parallel under pressure.
• Extra large clamping surface.
• Patented non-slip guiding mechanism.
• Swivelling handle to apply maximum pressure.
• Glue resistant covers.
• Reversible sliding head so the clamp can be used as a spreader as well.
• Max pressure of 400 kg.

The Heavy-duty clamp is extremely versatile for its sturdy build that ensures maximum pressure. The bar is zinc plated, cold drawn steel and also profiled to minimise flexing and bending. Hardened rollers in the moving head maintain a constant 90° angle even under load. A patented anti-slip system prevents the sliding head from sliding under pressure. Fitted with a swivelling handle. Both jaws are covered with protective plastic against running glue. The large clamping surface avoids damage to delicate surfaces. Supports keep the clamp levelled and stable when used on a bench. The sliding head is reversible, turning the cramp into a spreader. The Heavy-Duty Parallel Jaw Clamp is ideal for professional use.

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Teža 3.1 kg
Dimenzije 5 × 76 × 14.6 cm